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// Events / Hartbergerland (Welt)Radsportwoche - 14. - 21. August 2019 / starter list Deutsch/English -- Sunday 26. January 2020

starter list Hartbergerland (Welt)Radsportwoche
Individual race Bergsprint Aug. 17th 2019
Amateurs - Junior male, U23
Hochhold Christoph10055474482AUTAmateursCLR Sauwald Cofain 699
Spörer Philipp10035067706AUTAmateursRC-Bike Next 125 Hackl-Lebensräume
Gruber Fabian10010740914AUTAmateursRSC ARBÖ Südburgenland
Zimmermann Daniel10055494488AUTAmateursRc Fitstore 24
Rihtarič David10049223238SLOAmateursRikiteam
Zoomers Lars10023280485NEDJunior maleBergklimmers Stein
Adriaans Bowen10022843379NEDJunior maleWcl Bergklimmers
Hobby 1-5 -
Fassl MartinAUTHobby 1 
Wladkowski ThomasAUTHobby 2Rad Fuchs
Ertl RobertAUTHobby 2TSV Bike Total Hartberg
Master 1-8 - men
Lierzer Markus10080687816AUTMaster 1BC Stoahupfer Leibnitz
Pertl Gebhard10035080032AUTMasters 2ARBÖ ASKÖ Raiff. RC Feld/See
Trausmüller Eduard10004246257AUTMasters 2WSA green team
Pertl Gerhard10054908953AUTMasters 3ARBÖ ASKÖ Raiff. RC Feld/See
Ottino Josef10035068817AUTMasters 3ASVÖ
Schebath Otto10035078214AUTMasters 4RC ARBÖ Kindberg
Bartusevics Mecislavs10052133743LATMasters 7RRS-Griva
U17 -
Hion Oliver10084183149ESTU 17Nõmme Rattaklubi
Kask Hendri10076429516ESTU 17Nõmme Rattaklubi
Sirk Ragnar10076429112ESTU 17Nõmme Rattaklubi
Adriaans Radan10022796394NEDU 17Wcl Bergklimmers
Women 1-4 - Junior female
Streicher Hannah10035049316AUTJunior femaleUnion Radrennteam Pielachtal
Heiling Dagmar10014537250AUTWomen Master 3RC Grafenbach NÖ-Süd
Please understand that the starters can only be released after a manual review.

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