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// Events / Gainfeld-Classic Bischofshofen - 14. August 2022 / starter list Deutsch/English -- Saturday 01. October 2022

starter list Gainfeld-Classic Bischofshofen
Alton RobertGainfeld-Classic - Radsport Stanger Kitzbühel
Apfel SusanneGainfeld-Classic - RSV 1895 Passau
Aufinger MarkusGainfeld-Classic - Bike Friends Salzburg
Ausserhofer TomGainfeld-Classic - Martini Speed Team
Bauregger SamuelGainfeld-Classic - WSV Ramsau
Brandner AlexanderGainfeld-Classic - Steil Bike/Berg store
Buchegger AlfredGainfeld-Classic - RSV Atterbiker
Eder ChristianGainfeld-Classic - Aufi&Owi Sport Wielander
Ensinger AndreasGainfeld-Classic - SV Lengau
Ensinger PaulGainfeld-Classic - SV Lengau
Erlbacher AntonGainfeld-Classic - RadUNION Salzburg
Fritz GebhardGainfeld-Classic - LAND-LEBEN Radteam ARBÖ Salzburg
Fritzenwallner JohannGainfeld-Classic - aufiowi Sport Wielandner
Fritzenwanker AndiGainfeld-Classic - AufiOwi Sport Wielandner
Fritzenwanker MonikaGainfeld-Classic - AufiOwi Spiort Wielandner
Fussi HubertGainfeld-Classic - URC Sport Okay
Gainschnigg GüntherGainfeld-Classic - Keinen
Goldberger AndreasGainfeld-Classic - Naturfreunde Mondsee
Grabner HannesGainfeld-Classic - bike-klinik
Gratzl MarkusGainfeld-Classic -  
Grießenböck RobertGainfeld-Classic - Aufi & Owi Sport Wielandner
Gschwendtner SylvesterGainfeld-Classic - www.mitderkraftderzirbe.at
Gumpold ErichGainfeld-Classic - Aufi & Owi Sport Wielandner
Hafner ChristineGainfeld-Classic - Auf & Owi MTB Club St. Johann
Hakan TopalGainfeld-Classic -  
Hartl ManuelaGainfeld-Classic - Team Cooking Graz
Hettegger LukasGainfeld-Classic -  
Hofmann WolfgangGainfeld-Classic - Next Level Racing Team
Hölbling WolfgangGainfeld-Classic - Bike Friends Salzburg
Hölzl DanielGainfeld-Classic - HSV Triathlon Kärnten
Holzmann HannesGainfeld-Classic - Bike Friends Salzburg
Huemer ChristophGainfeld-Classic - URC Ried
Huemer JohannesGainfeld-Classic - St. Johann Alpendorf
Huttegger ManfredGainfeld-Classic - GAS
Jantscher AndreasGainfeld-Classic - Bike Friends Salzburg
Klotz BernadetteGainfeld-Classic -  
Krutter SimonGainfeld-Classic - RSV Freilassing
Lang GottfriedGainfeld-Classic - Radsport Team Hochhauser
Lebesmühlbacher BernhardGainfeld-Classic - Land-Leben Radteam ARBÖ Salzburg
Lienbacher MatthiasGainfeld-Classic - Bikeklinik.com
Lindner PauliGainfeld-Classic - Bikefriends Salzburg
Marlovits ErnstGainfeld-Classic - ARBÖ Radteam Land--Leben Salzburg
Miller-Aichholz MartinGainfeld-Classic - Physiogastein
Neumann FlorianGainfeld-Classic - RMV Concordia Strullendorf
Palfinger HermannGainfeld-Classic - Goldegg
Pfeiffenberger DominikGainfeld-Classic -  
Philips Geert AdrianusGainfeld-Classic - Aufi&Owi Sport Wielandner
Popp RainerGainfeld-Classic - Popp-ultracycling.de
Prenner RomanGainfeld-Classic -  
Prommegger AndreasGainfeld-Classic - St. Johann Alpendorf
Raggl StefanGainfeld-Classic - Union Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol
Rainer MartinaGainfeld-Classic - bikeklinik.com
Reiter HeinzGainfeld-Classic - ARBÖ Radteam Land-Leben Salzburg
Rieser HannesGainfeld-Classic - Physiogastein
Rohrmoser WalterGainfeld-Classic - Tribe-sports Saalfelden
Scheibenpflug GernotGainfeld-Classic - -
Schipali KatharinaGainfeld-Classic - Sports Monkeys Triathlon Club
Schmitt ChristianGainfeld-Classic - RCC
Sommer MartinGainfeld-Classic - RSV 1895 PASSAU
Steinbichler RudiGainfeld-Classic - LAND-LEBEN Radteam ARBÖ Salzburg
Steiner FranzGainfeld-Classic - Radsport stanger Kitzbühel
Steinl GerhardGainfeld-Classic - Team ORBEA Germany
Steinl TinaGainfeld-Classic - Team ORBEA Germany
Taucher JohannGainfeld-Classic - Radl-Eck Racing team
Teufl FelixGainfeld-Classic - Bike Friends Salzburg
Treml PeterGainfeld-Classic - Bike Friends Salzburg
Vasold WolfgangGainfeld-Classic - ASKÖ SPORT VASOLD ERGOSCHOOLRACE
Viehauser GeorgGainfeld-Classic - Physiogastein
Wagner HolgerGainfeld-Classic - Bike Friends Salzburg
Wallner BescheidGainfeld-Classic - bikeklinik.com
Wallner ChristianGainfeld-Classic - bikeklinik.com
Wessely JanGainfeld-Classic - Rfv prien
Wimmer ChristianGainfeld-Classic - Bike Friends Salzburg
Winkler ManfredGainfeld-Classic - Team Cooking Graz
Wresnik DanielGainfeld-Classic - Aufi&Owi Sport Wielander
Zarfl AndreaGainfeld-Classic - Aufi & Owi Sport Wielandner
Please understand that the starters can only be released after a manual review.

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